Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Foundry were approached by leading UK contemporary furniture brand Benchmark and Universal Design Studio to develop a custom lighting solution within Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel restaurant, Hoi Polloi.

The challenge was to create a fitting that attached directly onto the back of the banquette seating allowing the light to gently wash the back of the seating without creating glare. The result was a 700mm long fitting with a custom coloured shade and a brass internal liner, adding warmth to the light produced by the linear LED concealed within.

The second, and slightly more difficult challenge was to create a 5 meter long light that fitted directly into the 6 meter long lobby table. The fitting was to be finished in brushed copper and all of the power elements were to be concealed within the fittings uprights that were fitted within the table. The result of all our hard work is a 5 meter light fitting with the shade made in three sections, the light source is high output linear dimmable LED.



Benchmark Furniture, Universal Design Studio, EPR Architects

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve