Gloucester Arcade, Kensington

Gloucester Arcade, Kensington

With a high profile location adjoining Gloucester Road Underground Station in London’s West Kensington, Gloucester Arcade is well positioned to draw custom to it’s numerous eateries and shops. As part of recent refurbishment works commissioned by owner Cheval Property, Foundry were asked to reconsider the lighting of the space.

The new concept makes use of both coloured and warm white light to reveal and enhance the key architectural features, while giving due prominence to the retail outlets during key shopping times. A flexible, layered approach to the design enables the ambience to be adapted to suit the different uses of the space as day moves to evening.

The finished design has massive impact and appeal, with the striking use of coloured light creating a memorable identity for the mall. This, in combination with the cleverly designed functional and accent light makes an essential contribution to a pleasant experience for shoppers and diners alike.


Casson Condor Partnership