The ramen group’s latest opening sees them taking over two floors of the Dickens Yard development in Ealing.  If you have not been to one before, Tonkotsu describes itself as a modern Japanese ramen bar with a laid-back vibe, and it has become well-known for the ramen with homemade noodles and broths it serves.

In collaboration with STAC Architecture we created a lighting solution that plays a key role in setting the mood of the restaurant and emphasises STAC’s vision of contrast.  Traditional Japan vs Contemporary Japan.

The ground floor is rustic and gently lit with pools of light on tables and benches, concealed light accentuates key elements such as the hanging baskets and graphics above the kitchen.  Walking downstairs you are transported and met by a room filled with mirrors, framed and reflecting the warm LED lighting that has been seamlessly integrated and creating a strong visual identity for the space.

The result is definitely dramatic.


STAC Architecture


James Newton

October 2018